How to Keep Mice away in winter?

Many animals hibernate in the winter because of the colder temperatures, but mice are active all year. When the weather cools, mice have a more difficult time finding reliable sources of their favorite foods, such as seeds and grass. That means they’ll look for food elsewhere, including inside your house.   Learn how to recognize […]

Are Mice afraid of Dogs?

Mice can be dangerous in your home, but they are not always powerful. Mice may avoid potential predators when it comes to predators. Foxes, weasels, lizards, snakes, owls, and cats are examples of potential mouse predators. So, if mice avoid domestic predators like cats, are they afraid of dogs as well? Consider the following information […]

How to control mosquito breeding

Routine scheduling Pest control is the most effective way to protect yourself and your family from a swarm of potentially dangerous biting insects. Mosquitoes are winged insects with sharp, tube-like mouths that pierce the skin of mammals and sucking their blood. Almost everyone has had an encounter with this vexing insect that has resulted in […]

Which wasps nest on the ground

Home Treatments for Bees, Wasps, and Hornets If stinging insects such as hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, or bees are invading your property, the best option is to hire a professional to help you get rid of them. The experts at Preyon Pest Control can help you get rid of your stinging insect infestation quickly and […]

The Value of Termite Control in New Home Construction

What Your Builder Should Know About Termites in New Construction for your home – Termite infestation is always a risk, regardless of where your house is or what it is made of. Unless you take the necessary common precautions, it is almost a certainty in some areas, such as Chicago. Even before you start building […]

Pest Control For Buildings

The majority of our pest control company’s calls are the result of an interior infestation to a facility. To resolve the problem, our technicians employ cutting-edge pest management techniques that are both environmentally friendly and human-safe. We rely on a combination of experience, information, ongoing training, and high-quality equipment to be successful. We can eliminate […]