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Every resident of Chicagoland needs termite control because it’s not a matter of if they’ll strike—it’s when. Along with the annoyance that comes with any bug infestation, termites can cause catastrophic damage to your home’s structure. To protect your family and your property, you need a 24/7/365 protection system and regular inspections. Whether you already have a termite problem or not, contact Preyon Exterminators for termite control to eradicate and prevent those pests. You’ll get year-round peace of mind while protecting your investment with Preyon Exterminators home termite inspections and protection for your Chicago home.

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Holes in wood that looks a lot like water damage. Flying ants that are really termites that are swarming. Swarming generally occurs during the spring but occasionally a few smaller swarms may occur during the summer.
Swarming most often occurs during the morning following a warm rain shower whereby the soil temperature is around 70°F. If you see these a bug that looks like a flying ant call Preyon Pest Control today for affordable termite control.

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Termites have acute survival instincts. If they are shaken up or disturbed, the termites often will abandon the associated area and move on to secretly cause damage in other areas in the building.  Termites are the worst type of bug in terms of damage.

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Your house is one of your most significant investments, but it just takes a nest of termites to hollow out whatever you have worked for. These tiny bugs remain concealed, making them challenging to identify up until most of the damage is done. If you discover any of these indications of a termite invasion, call a certified termite control company like Preyon Extermination Services right now to stop the termite damage in its tracks.

Depending on the time of year, the shed wings can indicate that a termite swarm neighbors or a colony has currently been formed. Subterranean and Formosan termites discard their wings after they swarm in the spring, so if you detect disposed of wings early enough, you might be able to eliminate the termites prior to they invade your house.

Drywood termites not only shed their wings, however they likewise leave stacks of feces pellets -likewise known as frass- near doors, windows, and even crawl areas. The pellets are generally a brownish color that may appear like sawdust or perhaps coffee grounds. Drywood termites press their feces out of their tunnels and onto the ground in a pile.

Although difficult to find, termites leave little, 1/8-inch kick-out holes -likewise called exit holes- in your house’s wood, drywall, or other structural materials. Many individuals discover the kick-out holes of drywood termites in their house after finding a pile of termite feces near the location. Nevertheless, unless you are a licensed termite expert, it is really uncommon to discover exit holes developed by Subterranean termites as they fill their holes with soil and other products close by to keep stable temperatures and humidity levels.

Since termites must avoid sunlight to retain wetness, these devastating pests develop funnels to get in into your home. Below ground termites, one of the most typical types of termites in Chicago, develop mud tubes to safely travel from the structure of your house to their food source. These pencil-thin tubes can be discovered extended several feet across drywalls, concrete, or any other surface that will lead them to their food.

Water damage and termite damage have such similar looks that a person can frequently be misinterpreted for the other. Water damage can even supply a more comfy home for termites as they need moisture to make it through. So, if you do see any of the indications listed below, make sure to have your home checked for both water damage and termites as you may have one or both.

When your house is at this point, it is necessary to call a termite extermination company immediately. The cost of fixing your home from termite damage can be ravaging, so it’s crucial to act quickly. How termites attack houses depends upon the kind of termite. When it pertains to observing termite behavior and getting rid of the issue at the source, Preyon Pest Control is the termite expert and pest control exterminator for termite situations.

Each has their own unique way of getting in homes. Through these underground tunnels, below ground termites produce a path to a house’s structure. Once these pesky bugs reach the foundation, The second method they go into the home is through a swarm. They normally swarm in daylight hours. Formosan termite swarms predominately happen in the evening, and they are brought in to street lights and lights inside homes in the area they are swarming.

Even if you have not seen any of these indications of a termite problem, don’t wait for the issue to arise. Preyon pest control supplies treatment and complimentary termite assessments and estimates for homes and companies in Chiacgo and throughout Suburbs of Chicago. The sooner you call, the better the possibilities of conserving your home from a termite invasion.

Found in 49 states, termites are a national issue. It’s estimated that termites trigger $5 billion in home damage each year. Protecting your home prior to indications of termites develop is among the very best methods to conserve money and keep your household safe when it concerns these damaging pests.

This kind of damage is not typically covered by property owners insurance. Be proactive about preventing termite damage by browsing for termite indications in your house on a regular basis and keeping a termite defense plan by a reputable company that includes an annual termite examination. This assists get rid of the concern of having to fix brand-new termite damage in your house or home.  Call the termite exterminators fto protect your home and the wood in your home specifically.

Below ground termites can cause damage to the subfloor which require inspections, which can make your wood flooring appear as if it has water damage. Wood damage can be discovered listed below and behind surface areas like walls, floors and more. This can be brought on by termites chewing through wood in search of cellulose, leaving long grooves.  For more information on termite and termites and other insects call us today for an on site visit for your infestation.