Pre-Construction Termite in Chicago: Why Put Your Biggest Investments at Risk?

Builders are paying close attention to techniques to make their properties stand out to buyers as the housing and construction market in Illinois continues to grow. From lending institutions stepping up and requiring pest pretreatment to treat new buildings in Chicago to cities adopting international building codes that include pretreats on all new construction from the commercial to residential sectors. Pretreatment for termites during the construction phase is a new trend that can prevent termites from appearing in all new structures. Builders can provide peace of mind to potential customers and developers by taking proactive measures such as termite pretreatment and pre-construction termite pretreatment. 

We Use Cutting-Edge Technologies. Pre-Construction Termite Services

Preyon Pest Control employs cutting-edge techniques to apply long-lasting treatments to the soil prior to the start of construction work. A preconstruction horizontal soil treatment followed by a post-construction perimeter treatment is the primary method for termite pretreatment of a building. The first treatment is applied early in the construction process, before the foundation is poured.

The second treatment is applied shortly after the structure and any landscaping around it have been completed. Putting up these barriers treat termites out of your house or commercial building for many years. These and other pests can enter homes and offices by chewing through wooden walls if not properly pretreated for termites. Insects may also nest in the soil around a building before invading it.

Those who do treatments Have Been Saved! Treatments for Termites and Pest 

Developers who use pretreatments are making a wise investment that will reap numerous benefits. Pest control saves money on insecticides, extermination services, and structural repairs. It also protects the health of the people who live in a building. Pest-free properties typically have higher resale values and treatments can provide that. 

Building Practices to Reduce and Treat Termite Infestation – Protecting the Wood Foundation


Additions to Homes and Buildings Should Be Properly Pretreated – Construction Termite Treatment 

Make certain that additions to existing homes or buildings are properly pretreated. Failure to pretreat additions is a common cause of termite infestation, allowing termites to infest both the original structure and the addition. Failure to properly pretreat additions may void any termite contract on the original building.

The ultimate goal is a finished building that is less vulnerable to current or future termite invasions. However, these measures will not provide adequate protection on their own.

To provide the best protection against termite invasion, proper termite pretreatment is required. Get peace of mind and treat protection right away!

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