10 Plants That Repel Bees & Wasps

10 Plants That Repel Bees Wasps

Flowers require bees for pollination, but that doesn’t imply we want them in our backyards. Bees and wasps can ruin outdoor time, whether you’re allergic or not. This summer, don’t let sting fear keep you from having fun. Changing your yard might repel bees and wasps and if that fails a local wasp control company […]

How Long Do Wasps Live?

How Long Do Wasps Live

Wasps are one of the most prevalent stinging insects that appear each spring and summer. These troublesome bugs may cause a lot of misery for homeowners, both physically and mentally. So, How Long Do Wasps Live? The lifecycle of a wasp varies according to species, but in general, a worker wasp can survive for 12-22 […]

Different Types of Wasps You May Encounter This Summer

Different types of wasps you may encounter this summer

We’ve all seen a wasp or two in our lives and may have even been caught shouting and scurrying away from one. People are afraid of wasps because of their aggressive reputation and ability to sting humans. But, more significantly, are all wasps violent, and are all wasps the same? No, it does not. There […]

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?

Everyone has to deal with pests at some point. There are various ways to tackle the roaches, termites, mice, and other pests that are common in the Chicagoland area, including do-it-yourself applications, one-time mouse exterminator treatments, and quarterly pest control services. Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?  What does it mean to have a quarterly […]

Do You Have A Rodent Problem in Your Attic?

Do You Have A Rodent Problem in Your Attic

Noises from the attic that can’t be identified are never a good omen. The first step in tackling the problem is to figure out Do You Have A Rodent Problem in Your Attic. For total mice extermination near me each variety of rodents, a distinct strategy is required. So, if you hear noises in the […]

How To Remove Rodents From Your Home

How To Remove Rodents From Your Home

A pest is a pest, whether it is a property renter or a property owner. Mice and rats are pests that cause havoc. The weather in Chicago varies rapidly, and there’s no way of knowing when a mouse will find a way in to avoid flooding, cold snaps, or scorching heatwaves. Here are a couple […]

How To Keep Mice Away From Plants

Rodents are the scourge of many gardens, despite the fact that most gardeners think of insects when they think of garden pests. Mice, rats, gophers, and other rodents not only inflict unsightly damage by tunneling through the grass and garden, but they may also colonize the garden and eventually infiltrate your home. To keep rats […]

Do Mice Like Tea Tree Oil?

Is tea tree oil effective at warding off mice? Here’s some knowledge shed on how to keep mice away with tea tree oil. Mice in the home can be highly distressing for homeowners, and with good reason, given their destructive nature. These issues can be classified as property damage and food contamination, both of which […]

Do Mice Sound Repellents Work?

Pests are little animals that can cause major issues in your home. Some pests spread disease and aggravate allergies, while others cause property damage. You must take precautions to prevent pests from infesting your home and yard in order to protect your family and property. When it comes to pest control, ultrasonic pest repellers are […]

Can Wasp Stings Kill Cats?

Given that many cats spend a significant amount of time outside, it’s only natural that they will come into contact with local wildlife, ideally nothing too large! However, cats frequently come into contact with bees, wasps, and other stinging insects, and they are unlikely to be pleased. In the spring and fall, younger cats are […]