Noises from the attic that can’t be identified are never a good omen. The first step in tackling the problem is to figure out Do You Have A Rodent Problem in Your Attic. For total mice extermination near me each variety of rodents, a distinct strategy is required. So, if you hear noises in the attic, look for these clues to see if rats, mice, or squirrels are the source of the problem. 

Inspect Your Attic for Signs of a Rodent Infestation

The following are some of the most prevalent indicators of a bug in your attic:

Droppings All Over

Even though squirrels and other rodents are cute, they are not known for keeping the place clean. In actuality, they simply leave their feces all over your attic, coating the surfaces with droppings. These droppings resemble little dark brown pellets in form and size, similar to raisins. If the pellets are left in your attic for an extended period, they lose their color and turn light brown or tan.

Embarrassing Smells

Squirrels and other rodents not only leave droppings all over the place, but they also urinate everywhere. Your attic will begin to stink as their waste products accumulate. You might get a smell and run for fresh air, just like you desire these pests would. Because the rats never take a bath, their presence can make your attic stink, making it an unpleasant place to visit. The foul odors can even waft into your living space if left for too long. As a result, it is worth taking care of before that occurs.

Damage to Structure

Rodents of all kinds start sprucing up their homes as soon as they get into the attic space. However, they are not working to bring the place up to your expectations. It’s the polar opposite. They gnaw and chew at the wood and insulation, preparing space for their nests and future young. The outcome is large gnawed-out portions often engulfed in sawdust and wood fibers. They may also gnaw through wires, causing your phone, internet, or electricity to go out at any time.

Why are there rats and mice in my attic?

Rats and mice are more likely to infest attics in the winter as they seek shelter from Chicago’s extreme cold.

How To Prevent Rodents From Infesting Your Attic

We recommend identifying and sealing any probable access sites, and keep in mind that mice and rats can fit through a hole as small as a cent.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Rodents Are Living In Your Attic?Do You Have A Rodent Problem in Your Attic

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