Wasps are one of the most prevalent stinging insects that appear each spring and summer. These troublesome bugs may cause a lot of misery for homeowners, both physically and mentally. So, How Long Do Wasps Live?

How Long Do Wasps Live?

The lifecycle of a wasp varies according to species, but in general, a worker wasp can survive for 12-22 days, while a queen can live for up to a year. There are numerous distinct varieties of wasps in North America, the two most common being paper wasps and yellowjackets.

Lifecycle of a Paper Wasp

Paper wasps, or Polistes spp., are somewhat sociable insects with three distinct caste systems: queens, workers, and males.


When the queens have been fertilized, they spend the winter in sheltered spots like beneath tree barks or crevices in dwellings or other structures. The queen then chooses and constructs their nesting site in the spring.


The eggs hatch into larvae after being set down. Paper wasp larvae grow through stages before becoming adults. Workers will assist with the construction of the nest, feeding the young, and protecting the nest. When a paper wasp nest matures, it can house between 20 and 30 adults. The queen will stop laying eggs in the late summer, and the colony will die off shortly after, giving workers 3-4 months and queens 10-12 months.

Life Cycle of a Yellowjacket Wasp

Yellowjackets, commonly known as Vespula vulgaris, are gregarious insects that can develop nests the size of a basketball! Yellowjackets have nesting patterns similar to paper wasps, where the queen seeks cover in the winter and a nest in the spring.


However, due to the queen’s ability to retain sperm, she can lay eggs all summer long and will run out at the end of the season. This means that the lifecycle of this sort of queen wasp might last anywhere between 10 and 12 months.

Loneliness can kill wasps.

Wasps are highly sociable insects that will develop numerous colonies based on how effectively they mate. Unmated wasps will eventually die out because the objective of a wasp’s life is to mate and/or produce progeny. Male and female unmated wasps will die in late summer to early fall.

How Long Do Wasps Live

Have you noticed a nest? Contact a Professional!

If you see a few wasps on your lawn or around your house, there is most likely a nest nearby and you may want to get in touch with a wasp control Chicago company. Wasps, regardless of species, can be quite harmful if you do not know how to manage them. When their nests are disturbed, these insects can become aggressive and sting if you get too close. There is simply no way of knowing how big the nest is or how advanced it is until a specialist inspects it. These stings can be lethal to people who are allergic.


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