You can either do it yourself or hire a professional to get rid of fleas in your home. In this post, we’ll go through the pros and cons of DIY and professional flea elimination, as well as the costs.

Fleas are microscopic, reddish-brown insects that feed on animals’ blood and can transmit dangerous diseases. While a few fleas on your cat might not seem like a big deal, these pests can quickly multiply and cause a significant infestation in your home. We’ll explain your DIY and professional flea elimination choices in this article, as well as provide you advice on how to avoid repeat infestations.

Flea Infestation Symptoms and Causes

Flea infestations often begin when a flea clings onto your pet’s fur and travels inside. Fleas flourish in temperatures between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, making your home an ideal breeding environment. Fleas can swiftly reproduce indoors, resulting in a costly and unpleasant infestation.

The symptoms of a flea infestation are not the same as those of a bed bug infestation. Here are some telltale symptoms that your dog or cat is infested with fleas:

Flea dirt, which resembles black pepper and comprises a mixture of a host’s dried blood and insect excrement, is one of the most common indicators of a flea infestation. Placing the mixture over a moist paper towel is one approach to identify flea filth. You may have fleas in your home if the particles spread out and melt into a crimson color.

Even though fleas spend the most of their time eating on animals, bite marks around human ankles are another common indicator of a flea infestation. These small red dots are commonly found in groups of two or three, with a crimson halo surrounding their centers.


Cost of a Flea Exterminator

Flea removal costs between $75 and $400, according to HomeAdvisor, with an average of $270. Inspections, vacuuming, interior and exterior treatments, and other professional flea services are included in this fee. Note: Most infestations necessitate more than one treatment, which can cost between $75 and $200 per visit.

While you can choose to get treatments as needed, several pest control businesses offer monthly or bimonthly flea spraying contracts. This monthly cost is typically less than the cost of a single treatment, which is typically approximately $75.


Factors Affecting Flea Extermination Costs

The cost of flea elimination is determined by several factors, including treatment type, location, and the severity of the infestation. Each aspect is broken down below, along with how it affects the total cost of flea removal.

Treatment Method

The cost of flea treatment varies depending on the work intensity and supplies employed. While most specialists employ fumigants to eradicate fleas, others may utilize heat therapy or vacuuming.

For a preliminary estimate of flea elimination costs dependent on treatment method, see the chart below.

Comparison of the Costs of Flea Treatment

Treatment Type Average Cost Description
Vacuuming $80–$140 To remove scattered eggs, vacuum furniture, rugs, pet beds, and other crevices throughout your home with a high-powered vacuum.
Flea bomb $100–$200 Fleas are killed with aerosol cans that discharge insecticide over a few hours. In most cases, this approach is employed in a single room.
Spray $150–$300 Fleas or flea eggs are suspected in a room, so experts spray every nook and cranny.
Fumigation $175–$350 A full treatment for a huge infestation that includes spray, foggers, and flea bombs.
Heat treatment $300–$500 Heat is applied to the carpeting in a single room, killing any fleas, larvae, or eggs that are exposed.


It’s worth noting that these treatment options can be combined to combat multiple flea infestations in your home. A professional exterminator, for example, can vacuum and fumigate your home to get rid of fleas and their eggs.



The cost of flea elimination will also be determined by the location of the fleas in your home. Some flea outbreaks, for example, are contained to a single room, making them easier to contain and cure.

Pricing Comparison Based on Flea Location


Location Average Cost
Yard $75
Outdoors $100
Bedroom $150
Kitchen $175
Whole house $400


Level of Infestation

The complexity and time of treatment increases as the infestation level in your home worsens, directly raising the entire cost of elimination. Here’s a breakdown of each stage of flea infestation and how much you may anticipate paying.

Comparison of Flea Infestation Level Pricing

Level of Infestation Average Cost Description
Small $100–$175 An infestation that is contained to a single room or a small portion of your yard.
Medium $175–$300 An infestation that spans numerous rooms and may necessitate multiple treatments.
Severe $325–$550 The entire house has been infested with fleas, necessitating a large-scale treatment and many follow-ups.



Exterminator vs. Do-It-Yourself Flea Removal

Consider DIY flea elimination methods and supplies if you notice a few fleas in isolated locations like your pet’s bedding or your sofa. Here are some of the most prevalent flea elimination methods, along with their costs and advantages and disadvantages.

Treatment Costs for Homemade Flea Treatment

Treatment Average Price per Unit Pros Cons
Flea foggers $10–$20 Fleas are killed in single rooms or small residences with this product. It is not advisable to remain at home during a bug bombing.
Over-the-counter sprays $10–$15 Can be used as a prophylactic strategy or as a spot treatment in minor locations around your home. It doesn’t cover as much ground as other treatments.
Flea combs $5–$10 It’s simple to use and lasts a long time.


Fleas and larvae are only removed from animal fur with this product.

Even the most effective at-home flea treatments may not be effective against moderate to severe infestations. If a few DIY treatments fail, call a flea treatment Chicago agency right away to avoid the infestation from getting worse. While hiring a professional may be more expensive than dealing with your flea infestation yourself, you can rest assured that a professional will eradicate your infestation.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a pest control company:


How to Prevent Flea Infestations in the Future

There are a few things you may do to avoid flea infestations:

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