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Are you seeing signs of fleas in your home?

When you get home from a long day at work, there is nothing better than cuddling with your favourite little dog or cat. How often do you ruminate about whether your pets have fleas or  where your furry companion has been hiding all day before pressing your face against theirs to cuddle? There are chances that you and your pets might get sick by flea.

The following are some indicators of a flea infestation:

  • Scratching
  • Hair loss
  • Welts and a rosy complexion
  • Bites on the ankles
  • White sock test
  • Gums that are pale
  • Grime from fleas
  • In carpets, flea eggs can be found.
  • Pets who are constantly on the move

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Flea Infestation And How To Get Rid Of Fleas

What Preyon Pest Control Do

Because the immature stages of fleas, fleas are extremely difficult to identify and control by nature, the first step a homeowner or customer should take at home is to contact their local pest control company, such as Preyon Pest Control, for assistance at home. The majority of the time, simply utilising over-the-counter flea control treatments will not eliminate the underlying reasons of the infestation, as previously stated.

A Preyon Pest Control professional will provide a customer great pests exterminator services and do a comprehensive investigation of the property or home and identify any areas where the immature stages of the flea population may be present and needs services and control. Following the completion of the inspection at home of the customer, the next step is the development of a flea treatment and management strategy services.

Fleas are little, wingless insects that are approximately 2.5 mm in length. A lustrous reddish brown colour, their bodies are coated with microscopic hair and compressed to enable for simple travel through animal fur, and their bodies are covered with microscopic hair. Even though they are capable of jumping vast distances, fleas do not possess the ability to fly.

Flea Treatment And Management

Flea treatment and management service plans include the following:

  • SpeciesDetermining which flea species is responsible for the problem at the customer home.
  • Education :Teaching the flea’s life cycle and how its habits, environment, and behaviour affect the management plan are important components of the education process.
  • Hosts: Are responsible for checking for the host or existence of other animals that serve as a source of food for the flea population. This could include rodents either inside or outside the property of the customer, as well as a raccoon or like a feral cat that has taken up residence in the crawl area.
  • Pet flea control products: Available from veterinarians, who can provide advise and assist with the purchasing of flea control products like some powders for use on pets.

Pet bathing and grooming: Should be done on a regular basis to keep away fleas.

Chemicals: Like In this case, the usage of growth regulators will interfere with the flea’s normal development into the adult stage, which will result in the flea dying and kill fleas.

VacuumingRemoving things like flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults from a customer home or business with a powerful vacuum.

Pet bedding : Should be cleaned and dried on a regular basis.

Flea control productstreating affected areas with safe and effective flea control products in locations where immature fleas are likely to be found.

Inspections making arrangements for a follow-up visit.

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The more you understand about fleas in your pet at house, the better your ability to predict.treatment and control their behaviour will be. Here are a few quick facts to get you started on your journey. Fleas can transmit diseases when they take a blood meal from a host like a dog or when they pass contaminated faecal pellets through the environment.

Types that are commonly encountered

While there are many different types of fleas that can be found in a house in America, the cat flea is the most common. Dog, human, and oriental rat fleas can also be found in the region. They require immediate treatment.

Flea Bites

Whether they are taking a blood meal from a host like a dog or a cat or passing contaminated faecal pellets through the environment, fleas have the potential to spread disease that require treatment even in your house. The constant scratching of flea bites on pets such as a dog is a sign of their distress caused by fleas. Fleas feed on humans as well, and some people are allergic to fleas as a result.


Identifying a flea infestation can often be straightforward, but treat or eradicating the flea population is much more difficult to accomplish and may require special treatments. We provide the best flea control service.

Make sure your pets are healthy.

As a first step, pay attention to your pet’s behaviour:

  • In the event that your pet is scratching excessively, check the fur for signs of infection and treat it.
  • the appearance of infested animals is reddened skin and possibly loss of hair.
  • The hindquarters of dogs are the most frequently targeted.
  • Most commonly targeted are cats – specifically, the heads and necks of cats.

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There are fleas visible.

Locating fleas in your pet dog or cat’s fur does not reveal the true extent of the infestation. If you notice insects moving between your pet’s hairs or if red and black droppings appear on his or her skin, consult your vet to analyse flea options for treatment.


If there are no insects present but your pet’s scratching continues, plan a visit to your vet. Your veterinarian can assist you in identifying various skin disorders that may be causing your pet’s irritation and treat it.

Control Fleas on Humans

Identifying a flea infestation can often be straightforward, but treat or eradicating the flea population is much more difficult to accomplish. We provide the best flea control plan. After being removed from their animal host, or if the host proves to be an insufficient food source, cat fleas may frequently bite humans on the lower legs, creating circular, red patches. Nowadays, the majority of cat flea bites on humans cause very minimal itching and pain.

If you have been bitten by a flea, try to avoid scratching the affected region as much as possible and find the best treatments. Itching can be alleviated with the use of lotions and anaesthetic creams, depending on the individual’s skin sensitivity to these items. The swelling induced by a cat flea bite can be reduced by using ice packs for basic treatments . Antiseptic soap should be used to clean the cat flea bites to prevent the danger of infection. Antihistamines may also be prescribed, depending on the patient’s medical condition and treatments needs.

It is possible for some people to have allergic reactions after being bitten by a cat flea. Chronic itching and secondary infections are among the signs and symptoms of an allergy. Individuals who are experiencing allergic responses should avoid infected locations and pets until the treatment is proven to be successful.

Should any medical concerns arise, a doctor should be consulted for treatments and to get rid of it. If you have any reason to believe that a cat flea bite has gotten infected, you should seek medical attention immediately for treatments to get rid of it.

Deal with Fleas on Pets

When pet owners are asked what they dread the most about the summer months, the topic of fleas on pets is always the one that comes up most frequently.

The ideal temperature and humidity for these small, dark brown pests is 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 75-85 percent relative humidity, which means that fleas on pets are a year-round problem in some parts of the country. Fleas can survive and bother your pet year-round in many parts of the southern United States, including Chicago.

Pets are frequently infested with fleas/pests as a result of their contact with other animals or pets or their contact with fleas in the surrounding environment. With its powerful back legs, these pests are able to jump from one host(pet) to another or from the surrounding environment onto the host with ease. (Fleas do not have wings).

The bite of a flea can cause itching in the host, but for a sensitive or flea-allergic pet, this itching can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. So it is necessary for control flea control.  Hair loss, inflammation, and secondary skin infections can result as a result of severe scratching or chewing on the affected area in your pet. Some pets can be hypersensitive to the saliva of fleas and will itch all over as a result of even a single flea bite on their body.

Control, Sanitation

The presence of fleas in your pet’s fur does not indicate the intensity of the infection. Eggs, larvae, and pupae will also thrive in your home or yard, but they will be difficult to detect because of their size. To avoid their presence immediate service is required.

Flea larvae are dirty-white in colour and range in length from 3 to 5.2 millimetres and need to be rid of.
When an infestation is discovered, thoroughly clean your home and treat your pet with products indicated by your veterinarian. It is necessary to wash all linens and pet beds.

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