Midlothian Meadows

A 3.1-mile biking/hiking trail through the woodlands connects to other trails in the Tinley Creek Division of the Cook County Forest Preserve District in the Midlothian Meadows Forest Preserve, which stretches from 152nd Street to 159th Street and Pulaski Road. The Midlothian Meadows trail is accessible from 152nd Street on the west side of Pulaski Road and from 149th Street on the east side of Pulaski Road via a spur trail to the main trail.

Quality Parks Equals Quality Community for Children

Midlothian Park District is a separate municipal agency that was established to provide recreational programs and facilities. Seven parks and a recreation center are owned and operated by the Midlothian Park District. We have programs, activities, and special events for preschoolers and adults. These activities are described in the quarterly brochures that are distributed to all Midlothian homes. Spend the weekend at Dolphin Lake Park with your family. Contact Preyon Pest Control whenever you want to eliminate pests in Homewood, il. Or call them at 708-232-7703.

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