Loon Lake is in the northern part of Lake County, Illinois, Illinois, and it is a glacial lake. East, West, and North Loong Lake together are three connected by a body of water. It has yet to be discovered whether North Loon is connected to the outside world. Antioch is about 80 miles west of Springfield, and Grass Lake Road is roughly paralleled by Route 83 to the city’s southwest. It is a place to swim and play where various species of fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians thrive. This type of fish, known as the blacknose shiner, is threatened with extinction.
It is the deepest of the inland Lakes of the seven glacial lakes in British Columbia, having a maximum depth of 38–44 feet. Its territory is less than two square miles (3 km in length, with the shoreline extending for more than a half mile (0.8 km). The lake may be as clear as 16-18 feet when it’s in season as it is when it is frozen over. water clarity has been at its highest level in over the past 15 years
When viewed from above, the water, it appears to be a quarter-mile deep, and when viewed from below, it appears two miles deep. West Lake is slightly larger, having an area of 168 acres and more than 7.6 miles of shoreline. as the East Laker Brielleeming body of water is a pure and reflective, reflecting back onto itself with very little visual or physical interaction with the images, it is also more of a natural body of water. (The clarity of this lake is inferior to that of the Great Lake, only being 5–7 feet deep.) The West Loch provided ice from the latter half of the 19th to the 20th century through the early part of the 20th century.
species that have been invasive and native species have been found in Loon Lake As recently as August 2005, a crocodile was discovered in East Loon. It is believed that the zebra mussel originally came from Lake Michigan in Wisconsin or Lake Geneva Lake in Wisconsin.
The surroundings have grown in pollution has risen since the development of Loon Lake, however, there are no immediate risks to Loon Lake. has been found to have contaminated East Loch; the new Walmart that is to be built in Antioch has already been fined for polluting the area’s Lochmore River.

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