Loch Lomond is a 75-acre man-made lake and the subdivision that surrounds it in Mundelein, Illinois within Lake County, IL. The Loch Lomond Property Owners Association manages the lake, and access is restricted to association members and their guests.
Residents of Loch Lomond have access to two beaches: North Beach and South Beach. South Beach is the larger of the two and has the main swimming area, as well as a large pier, raft, and playground. During the summer, this beach also provides swimming lessons. North Beach is popular for fishing; while swimming is permitted, there are no lifeguards on duty.
Over the last few decades, this shallow lake (5–8 ft deep) has been the site of an intriguing ecological experiment. In the 1990s, a non-native carp species was introduced into the lake to help with algae blooms caused by high nutrient levels. However, this carp species is a non-selective feeder that has decimated lakebed vegetation, resulting in lower oxygen levels that have a negative impact on fish populations. Several “fish kills” have occurred in the lake’s history due to low oxygen levels, primarily in the winter, but there is currently a robust population of “game” fish species in the murky waters.
Loch Lomond was founded in 1955, when the Arthur T. McIntosh Company built a dam across the southern branch of Bull Creek to serve as a focal point for residential development. The 550-foot dam and 50-foot concrete spillway were originally intended to serve as a road connecting our subdivision’s north and south sections. The dam is maintained and operated by the Owners Association in accordance with a plan developed by professional engineers. Dams in Illinois are regulated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the dam is subject to their requirements, which include regular inspections.
Loch Lomond is a Mundelein, Illinois, subdivision managed by the Loch Lomond Property Owners Association. It is located between Route 45 and Midlothian Road. Our 600+ homeowners take pride in their neighborhood, keeping it looking and feeling like a place we call home. Our beautiful private lake and its beaches, surrounded by large lots, gently sloping lawns, and old oaks, offer residents exceptional fishing, swimming, paddling, boating, and, most importantly, well-maintained places to spend time with neighbors and family.

Abbie Catania – Very nice lake the lifeguards are super nice, and the lake is dirty with algae and seaweed but for kids who don’t care it’s a great place to swim and cool off in the summer. There is nice shady areas and a big area of sand to play in. There is also a volleyball net and play ground. There is boat storage and a dock or fishing.

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