Prices for Mosquito Control Depending on Method

Because every property is unique, the treatment you receive may differ from what a friend or neighbor has done in their yard. Most pest control services provide a variety of treatment options. Depending on your needs, your yard may require a combination of any of these. When it comes to children and pets, always consider the method’s safety. The cost of spraying mosquitos is determined by the method used:


Larvicide for Mosquitoes

Mosquito briquets, which cost $50 to $100 to install, control larvae in the yard. Although spraying for adult mosquitoes kills the bugs that are already in the air, the larvae are still in the process of hatching. By the time this occurs, the insecticide that was sprayed may no longer be present. As a result, you have a completely new set of mosquitoes. Briquets are available from a variety of professionals. To kill the larvae, you place these on top of the water’s surface. Sprays can also be applied to the surface of the water to eliminate the eggs. The spray is usually done with the adulticide, but other larvicide services are charged separately. The price is determined by the number of briquets used.


Fumigation of Mosquitoes

Homeowners will pay between $55 and $100 for a single fumigation treatment appointment. Mosquito fumigation is an indoor treatment used when pests infest the home. Indoor mosquito infestations that necessitate fumigation may occur in damp areas such as laundry rooms and basements. Indoor fumigation entails sealing off a room or rooms while highly concentrated flying-insect pesticides are used. During indoor mosquito fumigation visits, foggers and aerosols may be used.


Mosquito Control: Synthetic and Microencapsulated

Synthetic and microencapsulated mosquito control costs between $60 and $75 per treatment. Traditional insecticides degrade quickly in rain, heat, or other weather conditions, but a microencapsulated product degrades much more slowly. It is a preferred method for environmental reasons due to its slow breakdown. Sprayers are used by professionals to apply these products. They are not suitable for use in a misting system.


Adulticide Spray for Mosquitoes

Mosquito pesticide spraying ranges between $75 and $125 per treatment. While pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide extracted from African and Australian chrysanthemums, is the main ingredient in these sprays, chemicals are added to make the spray more effective. They do not leave a residue, which is both good and bad. While the lack of residual is beneficial to the environment, it is not beneficial to mosquito control. To increase effectiveness, many professionals combine these sprays with a permanently installed mosquito misting system. The installation of a misting system for long-term mosquito control costs $2,500.


Dust from Mosquitoes

Mosquito dusting or fogging will cost between $85 and $150 per treatment. Mosquito dusting is a type of professional mosquito control that employs the use of a duster or fogger. The duster is filled with a powder or granule solution that repels mosquitoes in the yard. The advantage of this type of treatment service is that the dusters can cover large areas quickly, making them ideal for properties larger than an acre. Mosquito dust is also a popular method for controlling mosquito populations in crops.

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