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While you may cure little wasp nests yourself, you may need to engage a professional exterminator for more significant infestations. Read this guide to learn how much a wasp exterminator costs.

A wasp infestation is usually easy to detect: If you notice wasps flying around your home or yard, typically around food sources like uncovered rubbish, there’s a wasp nest nearby. In some situations, you may see a nest, but wasps may also make their nests underground or, more rarely, inside the walls of your home. If it’s easily accessible, you can try to remove the nest yourself, but a pest control firm can get rid of a wasp infestation wholly and safely.
To that purpose, we’ve broken out the average expenses of wasp removal and offered some explanation for how those costs are established. We’llWe’ll also answer some common inquiries and provide recommendations for avoiding wasps from returning.

Average Wasp Extermination Cost

Professional wasp extermination tends to cost between $100 and $1,300, with an average of about $375, according to HomeAdvisor. The good news is that wasp treatment is usually a one-time pest control appointment, though you may want to arrange follow-up visits to ensure that the wasps don’t come back. Wasp nest removal cost is often part of the exclusive pricing. To get the best services at the best cost, you can contact wasp removal Chicago.

Sometimes, wasp control might occur as part of a comprehensive pest control approach for your house or property. In this circumstance, an initial visit typically costs an average of $150 to $300. Monthly or semi-monthly appointments might cost $40 to $70, depending on how intensive the treatment is.

Cost Comparison of Wasp Removal

Wasp extermination $100 $1,300
Initial visit for pest control $150 $300
Monthly consultations
$40 $70
Removal of paper wasps $100 $400
Elimination of mud daubers
$300 $600
Elimination of bald hornets
$400 $800
Removal of the yellow jacket
DIY wasp extermination
$5 $220

Factors Affecting Wasp Extermination Costs

A wasp exterminator will need to inspect to provide you with a more precise estimate. The following are a few elements that will affect the price. Before getting any services you should know how much does it cost to have the wasp removed.

Wasp Species

Wasps come in various species, some being more aggressive and hazardous than others. The following are some of the most prevalent wasp species and the associated costs for removal:
Paper wasps are relatively numerous and docile, nesting in easily accessible locations. Paper wasp nest removal is relatively inexpensive, costing between $100 and $400.

Mud daubers—Like paper wasps, mud daubers are pretty easy to remove and are unlikely to hurt; thus, removal may cost between $300 and $600.

Bald-faced hornets are not exceptionally aggressive, but their stings are highly unpleasant. Additionally, because they nest high in trees, they cost between $400 and $800 to eradicate.
Yellowjackets are some of the most expensive wasps to eradicate due to their aggressive nature and penchant for underground nesting. Yellowjacket eradication services often begin at $500 and escalate in price based on the infestation’s severity.

The Nest’s Location

The kind of wasp involved frequently determines the location of a wasp nest. As you would imagine, the easier it is for the exterminator to access the nest, the less time and money is required to eradicate it. A hornet nest on a low tree branch is less expensive to remove than one on a second-story eave or within a chimney.

While its difficult to provide precise estimates based on location, the following is a rough range of wasp nest locations, from least expensive to most expensive:

Type of Treatment

The most frequently used treatment method for wasps is to apply an aerosol spray or concentrated liquid straight to the nest, which often kills wasps on contact and continues to kill any wasps that return for several days after that. Specific procedures require slightly more expensive specialist equipment, such as a vacuum to extract wasps from small cracks. Additionally, most first-line treatments include chemical pesticides called pyrethroids to eliminate wasps. Insecticides that are less harmful and more environmentally friendly will cost more.

Performing Wasp Removal on Your Own vs. Hiring an Exterminator

When you consider that a can of wasp killer costs between $3 and $5 at the hardware store, you may wonder whether professional eradication is worth the money. In some limited circumstances, you may be able to save money by doing it yourself.

The ideal situation would be a small infestation with an above-ground, open nest. If the problem is caught early enough and the nest is conveniently accessible, a can or two of wasp killers may suffice.

When Is It Appropriate to Hire a Professional

Larger wasp infestations with concealed nests are unlikely to be eradicated using do-it-yourself approaches. Additionally, if you attempt to eliminate wasps on your own, you risk being stung and may need to purchase protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, if you do not already have them.

Hiring a pest control professional significantly increases your chances of resolving the issue fully the first time. It is almost certainly more expensive than doing it yourself, but the risk to you is significantly reduced. Pest control firms provide technicians with the training, pesticides, and equipment necessary to do their duties safely and efficiently. Professional exterminators are your best bet in cases of more severe or concealed infestations.


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