What Does Exterminator Do

Pests in the home can be more than just an annoyance. Worst of all, they can cause property damage and even health problems. If you have rats in your home, for example, these pests can gnaw on your wires while potentially bringing diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, Salmonella, and others. What does exterminator do? You […]

The Value of Termite Control in New Home Construction

What Your Builder Should Know About Termites in New Construction for your home – Termite infestation is always a risk, regardless of where your house is or what it is made of. Unless you take the necessary common precautions, it is almost a certainty in some areas, such as Chicago. Even before you start building […]

Pre Construction Termite Treatment

Pre-Construction Termite in Chicago: Why Put Your Biggest Investments at Risk? Builders are paying close attention to techniques to make their properties stand out to buyers as the housing and construction market in Illinois continues to grow. From lending institutions stepping up and requiring pest pretreatment to treat new buildings in Chicago to cities adopting […]

Pest Control

A customer wants home externally exterminated for bugs or whatever may come in Springtime. We set up an appointment for the next Thursday. We provided spray barrier treatment outside the home on the eve and window seals. The spray will prevent bees and others from nesting in the eaves of the home and will last […]

Termite Treatment

A customer called for a termite inspection for a Homeowners Inspection. Quoted her a price of $150 for the inspection. We set up a call with the Broker to set up a time for an appointment for the inspection for later that week.