Bed Bugs vs Mosquito Bites.

  Bed bug and mosquito bites are both red and itchy, and they may appear to be the same. They do, however, come from diverse organisms and have a few distinct traits. Knowing the difference between the two allows people to react correctly to bites they receive and take precautions to avoid obtaining more. This […]

Bed Bugs at Hotels.

  We’ve been accustomed to taking precautions against COVID-19 and other possible diseases when staying in hotels. Bed bugs, on the other hand, are a menace worth avoiding in a hotel room. “Bed bugs can be found in every hotel room, regardless of how costly it is. “However, for a variety of reasons, bed bugs […]

Bed Bugs vs Spider Bites

Although bedbug and spider bites have some similarities, there are ways to distinguish between them. Both sorts of bites can produce swelling, redness, and irritation. Spider bites are less common than bedbug bites, which usually appear in a straight line. If you woke up with bites, it’s possible that they were caused by bedbugs. According […]

Bed Bug Treatment

A customer called in with an issue with bedbugs. We let her know that we would treat the problems and provide 2 free follow-up treatments. We set up an appointment for the following evening after 3pm. We treated the living room and 2 bedrooms for bedbugs and let the client know that we would be […]

Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment

Customer believes she has an issue with bedbugs. She wants service the same day. Quoted an inspection of $100 that would be deducted from the service cost if the service was decided to go with. Set up an appointment for the following day to inspect the home. Inspected the home and the customer decided to […]