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Silverfish Pest Control Chicago
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Encountered Silverfish In Your Bathroom or Kitchen?

Silverfish infestations necessitate professional intervention. Your local pest control professional can assess the issue and recommend the most effective silverfish treatment plan for your unique problem. Contact your local pest control professional at the first sign of a silverfish infestation. An insect home inspection may assist you in getting rid of silverfish. If it looks like a silverfish don’t hesitate to call us for our pest control services. We offer services for all pests including spider control bed bug treatment, roach control & prevention, bed bug control, rodent pest control mosquito management, and more. We don’t just provide Silverfish exterminators but fantastic Termite exterminators as well!

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Life Cycle Of A Silverfish

The silverfish life cycle takes roughly four months from egg to adult. They are hemimetabolous insects, which means they go through three stages of development:

  • Egg
  • Nymph
  • Adult
  • Reproduction

While silverfish do not reproduce directly through egg fertilization, they do execute a mating dance.

  • The insects make contact with their antennae.
  • The female runs away.
  • The male and female have reconciled. They stand next to one other, the male vibrating his tail.
  • Males then drop sperm packets into female ovipositors.


Hatching time can range from 19 to 60 days depending on climate and species. Silverfish love humid environments, but they may grow in virtually any climate.

Female silverfish lay one to three eggs every day in groups of two to twenty. The pests lay their eggs in cracks around the inside of a house or attic, making them tough to locate. Silverfish, unlike several other insects, may lay eggs all year.


Silverfish nymphs are smaller replicas of adults when they hatch from the egg. They molt several times during development and continue to molt throughout their lives. Some species can molt up to 50 times.


Silverfish typically reach adulthood in three to four months. In chilly areas, maturing into an adult might take up to two years.

Concerns & Encounters

The surrounding environment has a significant impact on silverfish development and lifespan. These insects may live for around three years in optimum conditions of high temperatures and humidity.

How To Identify Offspring & Larvae

Female silverfish can lay a large number of eggs during their lifetime. Depending on the species, eggs are laid in groups of two or three per day or in clusters of two to twenty. They could be kept in a number of locations throughout an infested home. Silverfish eggs are frequently found in tiny cracks or fissures, making them difficult to find.

Silverfish eggs are oval in shape and around 1 mm long. Silverfish eggs are soft and white at first, then harden and yellow after a few hours.

Silverfish are white when they hatch, but they mature to silver or gray in adulthood. Silverfish hatch completely formed, although smaller than mature adults. Silverfish molt throughout their life, whereas nymphs molt numerous times before reaching full size. A silverfish’s life may include more than 50 molts.

Preyon Experts

Even though silverfish eggs are rarely visible to humans, they must be considered in any personalized silverfish extermination plan. Silverfish eggs are often resistant to home silverfish control measures. If you see adult silverfish in your home, contact our Chicago pest control professional for our control services and knowledge. We provide residential pest control as well as commercial pest control over the entire Chicagoland area. Take A Look At Our Preyon Pest Control Pest Library For Yourself! 

 Baby Silverfish Facts & Info

Female silverfish lay their eggs in secret locations around their homes. These eggs usually hatch between 20 to 40 days. In a perfect environment, baby silverfish, or nymphs, can grow in three months. Full development into adults may take up to two years in chilly areas.
How Do Baby Silverfish Look?
Baby silverfish are white and only a quarter of an inch long. Nymphs hatch without scales, which develop over time. Silverfish go through several molts as they mature and expand. Nymphs consume the same starchy and high-protein foods as adults.
Lifespan of Silverfish
The surrounding environment has a significant impact on the growth of newborn silverfish. Warm temperatures cause insects to develop faster and survive longer. These pests love humid environments, such as laundry rooms, with temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees. Silverfish have an average lifespan of three years.
Silverfish Control
Because silverfish are nocturnal, homeowners may not observe baby silverfish or adults. Regular cleaning, repairing water leaks, and controlling humidity will help keep these insects out of your home. Preyon can assist you in eradicating adult and young silverfish. You name it we handle it!

What Are These Insects Attracted To?

Diet for Silverfish
These insects graze on a variety of materials and frequently invade homes in quest of food. Silverfish like and consume carbohydrates and protein-rich foods such as grains, vegetables, fibers, sugars, and textiles. The pests will also eat stored cereals and pet food. Infesting these products is a common way for them to enter the house.
Collectors’ Obstacles
While silverfish can infest any home, individuals who have book collections, vintage clothing, or antiques are especially vulnerable. Paper, glue, silk, and other textiles are among the foods consumed by silverfish. When insects consume these things, they produce the following harm:
  • Feeding – Any material in the silverfish’s diet is dangerous. Pests produce dark stains and little holes in the food they consume.
  • Grazing – When the insects’ jaws scrape across surfaces, they frequently leave light gray patches.
  • Mold – Fungal development frequently causes dark brown stains on silverfish-damaged things.
  • Debris – When the pests feed, they deposit scales and excrement inside books and fabric folds.

Climate and geography

The food of silverfish determines where these pests live in homes. They frequently hide in bookcases, boxes of paper and books, closets, and pantries because they love paper, fabric, and dry materials. Homeowners like our Chicago residents and customer insect exterminator seekers who discover silverfish damage should contact Preyon immediately so that an infestation does not take hold and become huge and pervasive. We control commercial pest insects just the same!
silverfish pest control chicago

Illinois Pests | How Did Silverfish Get Into My Home?

Silverfish will occasionally enter your home in search of food. However, humans may unintentionally bring silverfish inside. Infested dry food goods, cartons of books or paper, fabrics, and other items with a high starch and sugar content can bring the bugs indoors. Residents who purchase contaminated products inadvertently may bring the insects within.

What Causes Silverfish Infestations?

Silverfish frequently come from other parts of the house to dine on the contents of cupboards, bookcases, and closets. While they may infest chilly regions if food is accessible, the insects prefer warm, dark environments. Because higher temperatures hasten the silverfish breeding cycle, damp basements, attic leaks, and humid bathrooms or laundry rooms are excellent.

Infestation Control

Silverfish are tough to remove because they hide in small cracks and crevices and are active at night while looking for food and water. Pests can also be dormant and go without food for lengthy periods of time, so infestations may appear to be resolved when the population is actually dormant. If you observe these insects or notice silverfish damage in your home, contact a pest control expert near me at Preyon for expert control and removal. Aerex Pest Control is also a great Chicago pest control company for all pest removal issues and concerns.

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