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Preyon Pest Control offers two free followups for all of our emergency extermination services.  You can rest assured that we will successfully “prey on the pests” that are invading your home!  Call Preyon Exterminators today at (708) 232-7703.

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Our Pest Exterminator Services

Ant Extermination

Ant exterminator and pest control treatment to get rid of ants in your home permanently.

Bed Bugs Extermination

Bed Bug exterminator and treatment to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Termite Control

Termite exterminator and inspections for your home extermination or real estate needs.

Rodent Extermination

We exterminate mice and rats from your home permanently. Call for rodent control.

Spiders Extermination

Spider removal and control for your home. We remove spiders from the walls and cobs throughout the house.

Roach Exterminator

Roach extermination and waterbug treatment. Guaranteed coackroach abatement.

Household Bugs Extermination

We exterminate common household bugs like millipedes, silverfish and flies.

Professional. Safe. Affordable Exterminator Solutions

At Preyon Pest, we believe in providing affordable pro pest management that is unmatched in Oak Forest, Illinois.  From proactive preventative solutions to on the spot 24 hour emergency solutions, we have you covered.  Call today!

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Serving areas of 159th and Central, Arbor, Central Ave Ward 4, El Vista East, Fieldcrest, Forestview Hills, Laramie Ave, Lavergne Ave, Rustic Oaks, The Landings.  Zip code 60452.

A Little Known Fact About Oak Forest, IL:

Symbol of the City Of Oak Forest, IL

The original Oak Forest train station was primarily a milk stop used by Yankee and German farmers of Bremen Township. In 1894 the scene changed dramatically when the DuPont family purchased property on the east side of the tracks centered at about 155th Street. There they built what they claimed was the world’s largest gunpowder magazine and factory. Most of the workers at the factory lived in Blue Island and commuted daily on the train. The entire complex blew up in 1906.