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Mosquitoes taking over your yard and home?

Mosquitoes are frequently mentioned in the news because they are a nuisance as well as a health hazard. It is critical to reducing mosquito populations in and around your home, as well as in other living and recreational areas.

Mosquitoes thrive in tropical climates, but they can be found all over the United States. In dense vegetation such as tall grasses, weeds, and shrubs, many species (though not all) take advantage of the daytime shade. Any successful mosquito control program should concentrate its efforts in these locations: lakes, groves, heights, rivers, and streams.

If you are worried that mosquitoes will “bite” away from you and your family’s Summer, let us quote mosquito control for your home! Call Preyon Mosquito & Pest Control today for the mosquito prevention flying mosquito services you need and deserve.

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Homeowners in Chicago Can Get Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes and tick are the banes of backyard fun. They’re obnoxious, aggressive, and can even be deadly. According to the World Health Organization, they are the most dangerous animal on the planet. That is why it is critical to deal with them as soon as possible. Preyon Pest Control can assist with a variety of mosquito control services for homeowners in and around Chicago. Preyon Pest Control Offers a Wide Range of Tick & Mosquito Control Solutions

Preyon Pest Control offers natural tick & mosquito treatments and a mosquito control program mosquito prevention tips that offer new complete protection against the threat of mosquitoes. We’ll begin by inspecting your property, discussing the scope of the issue, and making recommendations. We always make an effort to ensure that you fully understand your options as well as what to expect.

With Preyon Pest Control’s new Tick & Mosquito Control program, you’ll have access to a number of key services that have been proven to provide long-lasting protection all season long.

Service to Control your Mosquito Issues

  • Mosquito Removal. We start by showing you the areas on your property that are attracting mosquitoes and contributing to the problem, so you can get rid of them.
  • Control of mosquitoes. Our mosquito control company products and approaches have been shown to be effective against mosquitos at all stages of development, from eggs to adults. As a result, there will be far fewer mosquitos in your yard.
  • In addition to our initial applications, we will return to your property at predetermined intervals to provide additional maintenance treatments and continuous results.

Preyon Pest Control, in addition to our removal case study and program, provides a variety of other pest control services, such as natural mosquito treatments for Chicago-area homeowners looking for an eco-friendly way to protect their yards from mosquitoes.

Preyon Pest Control Services – We Stand Behind Our Yard Work

Our mosquito control services at Preyon Pest Control are intended to protect you and your family from the threat of these insects. But, at the end of the day, we want to provide a safe and comfortable haven for you and your loved ones. As a result, if we ever fall short, we encourage you to call and let us know. Our new control services come with a full guarantee, and we promise to make things right. Call for a free Indoor & outdoor mosquito and tick control quote in North Chicago and surrounding suburbs on the map today!

Mosquito Control | Diseases That Mosquitoes Can Transmit

In Chicago, mosquito-borne infections aren’t as widespread as in tropical climes, although they do occur. Chicagoans who vacation abroad can get malaria or dengue.

West Nile Virus (WNV)

People, horses, and birds contract the West Nile virus. Chicago’s most frequent mosquito-borne disease. Most West Nile virus infections cause no symptoms or flu-like symptoms, but some (especially the elderly) are more severe. West Nile virus was discovered in Chicago in 2002 and will remain a problem.

Encephalitis-La Crosse (LAC)

Tree Hole mosquitoes spread La Crosse encephalitis. It causes 4-5 severe instances each year in Chicago, mostly in youngsters. Get in touch with local progressive tree service companies if this is the case.

JC virus (JCV)

Jamestown Canyon virus is an uncommon human sickness carried by mosquitoes in Chicago. Any age group might be affected by the La Crosse virus.

Equine encephalitis (WEE)

WEE affects humans, horses, and birds. It’s caused by the same virus that causes WNV in western Chicago. In 1941, WEE afflicted 800 Chicago. Chicago has had rare, lesser WEE outbreaks thereafter (15 human cases in 1975, single cases in 1983 and 1999).

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

Only a few cases of eastern equine encephalitis are documented each year in the U.S. Many EEE virus infections have no symptoms, but some (often children) are severe. In Chicago, horses have been affected, but no humans.

STL Encephalitis (SLE)

St. Louis encephalitis cases are frequently caused by unanticipated local epidemics. Since the 1970s, Chicago hasn’t recorded SLE.

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At Preyon Pest, we believe in providing affordable pro pest control and service for mosquitos that are unmatched in the South Suburbs of Chicago. From proactive preventative management to on-the-spot 24-hour emergency control, we have you covered. We get rid of all of your indoor and outdoor pests including but not limited to bed bugs, tick, spiders, roaches, and more! Call today for the best mosquito exterminator & control Chicago service!

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