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Preyon Pest Control offers two free followup services for all of our emergency extermination services and treatment for pests.  You can rest assured that we will successfully “prey on the pests and bugs” that are invading your hotel!  Call Preyon Exterminators today at (708) 232-7703.

Pest Control Services For Hotels

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Hotel pest control

Commercial Pest Control For Hotels

Nobody would ever expect anything less than five-star treatment from you and your guests. So why should you do business with service providers who aren’t willing to put in the necessary effort to your business? Instead of making you feel more stressed, we at Preyon believe that pest control should make you feel more confident in your surroundings. We are the best pest exterminator. For many years, we’ve worked with hotels just like yours to keep pests and bugs at bay while avoiding the headaches that come with them. Using a combination of scientific expertise and a customised approach tailored to your specific needs and requirements, our Hospitality Precision Protection package services streamlines the process of preventing an infestation of common hotel bugs. Professional treatment for your hotel business in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. 

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Pest Control Services For Hotels

When pests and bugs come to stay, you will find that guests are not allowed to stay. Pests and bed bugs in hotels have the potential to cause significant damage to your property as well as damage to your company’s reputation and brand. It is for this reason that you are required to find Preyon Pest Control’s services. We specialise in the treatment of hotel properties, which includes everything from the guest rooms to the kitchen, laundry room, and every other area of the building that requires treatment. You and your guests will be able to enjoy your time together because we will keep pests out of your hotel. Pests and bugs cause a tremendous amount of damage to the food industry and result in a significant financial loss for the sector. On a regular basis, they result in serious food poisoning. It is imperative that you, as a member of the housekeeping staff, are extremely vigilant in the control of pests through the administration of medications and services. Pest control is required as a matter of course in all hospitality establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and other food service operations.

Hospitality Pest Control

The best place for hospitality pest control, Preyon Pest Control is the company to call for all of your new hotel pest control needs and hotel pest management and services. Using solutions such as effective bed bug treatments(control bed bug) and real-time service reports, we’re up to the challenge. In addition, we offer our Ultimate Protection Guarantee and services, which ensures that our work is 100 percent free of defects. Whether your business is threatened by pest infestation or not, Preyon Pest Control will take care of the problem for you at a new reasonable price.
We’ll protect your hotel’s reputation by entering and removing pests from the premises without disturbing your customers. We are efficient and discrete, and we have a flexible schedule that includes after-hours and weekend service. We can also provide training for your new ant existing employees. Best of all, we’ll work with you to reduce your chances of experiencing future infestations. Contact us for more information.

Pest Management

  • Essentially, a clean and well-ventilated environment reduces the likelihood of pest infestation.
  • Because most hotels are air-conditioned, it is not necessary to open the windows that prevent insects from entering the building.
  • By spraying insecticides on mosquitoes and ants, it is possible to eliminate the pests. This can be accomplished while the guest is not in the room and well before the bar and restaurant open for business.
  • In the case of mosquitoes and insects that are dangerous and capable of spreading malaria. When a liquid or tablet is placed on the small electric machine, it begins to heat up and become hot. A vapour is released by the plant, which kills the pest.
  • Silver fishes are wingless insects that are silver in colour, and they are most commonly found in cupboard storage spaces. Pests are eliminated through thorough and regular cleaning.

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Pest Control Requires Good Housekeeping

  • It is vital to note that the availability of proper and undisturbed conditions is a significant factor in the growth of pest.
  • Other elements, such as temperature and humidity, are also important. As a result, it is critical to maintain the environment.
  • The first goal is to clean up any spills or food residue that they may be feeding or breeding on.
  • It is critical to perform pest control procedures on a regular basis since some insects complete their life cycle in a short period of time.
  • It is necessary to pay close attention to the drains on a regular basis because they are the most common point of entry for rats.

Hotel Pest Control Needs.

Preyon Pest Control is the company to call for all of your hotel pest control needs. We provide the best pest control solutions for pest control hotel.  Preyon Pest Control is a pest treatment company that specialises in areas such as hotel pest control. Our team of highly qualified and experienced service specialists will inspect your property to identify any areas that may be infested with pests and then provide treatment recommendations to you based on the results of their inspection.

Running a successful business in the hospitality industry is difficult and stressful because of the high level of competition. Your number one priority is to ensure that your guests are safe while they are on your premises so that they can enjoy their stay. It is important to the profitability of your business that pest control is carried out by trained personnel.

Preyon can assist you in making your establishment more secure. We provide skilled pest control services to a variety of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, and spas. Our hotel/hospitality team has the knowledge and experience to identify the pests that may be causing issues in your hotel or property and to eliminate them from the premises. Contact us for more information.

Preventative Pest Control for Hotels

After all, prevention is preferable to cure. Infestation of pests within your establishment will immediately damage your reputation and put your financial well-being at risk, both in terms of fines and lower revenue. For over a decade, we have been proudly serving all of the southern suburbs. Preyon Pest Control takes great pleasure in the pest management programme that we have in place.

We will offer you with skilled and effective pest control services for your hotel or resort at a competitive price point. As a registered and insured firm, we’ve assisted businesses in keeping their establishments free of pest infestations so that they can provide a comfortable stay for their customers.

Preyon Pest Control is the company to call for all of your hotel pest control needs. Preyon Pest Control has established itself as the leader in pest control in the South Suburbs because of our quick response times, licenced and unformed professional technicians, quality assurance logbooks, and proactive strategy, to name a few factors.

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At Preyon Pest, we believe in providing affordable pro pest management that is unmatched in the South Suburbs of Illinois.  From proactive preventative solutions to on the spot 24 hour emergency solutions, we have you covered.  Call today for bed bug pest control!

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Heat Treatment for Pests

All pests infestations are not the same. So, it stands to reason that there is no solution that will fix them all. This makes the topic of whether or not to use heat or conventional treatments a confusing one. Sometimes, it is best to use heat. Sometimes, it is best to use conventional treatments. And, there are even times when both are needed. Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to eradicate these pests.

The Benefits Of Heat Treatment

  • This option is perfect for home and business owners who want a solution that is 100% eco-friendly. Heat doesn’t leave any residuals.

  • Heat kills all life stages of pests, from egg to adult.

  • A heat treatment only requires one treatment visit, and it can be accomplished in one day. Therefore, no follow-up visits are required. So, your pests will be gone in a single day, instead of weeks. That means that the occupants of your home or business don’t need to be displaced multiple times over the course of a few months. And, they won’t have to be bothered by the repeat preparation needed before each visit. This makes heat a very convenient way to get rid of pests.

  • Heat radiates into walls and your belongings to get pests in places that are hard to get to with insecticides.

  • Studies have shown that some pests can become resistant to chemicals and adapt to living in dangerous environments. This can make it a difficult job to treat for pests with chemical products. Heat treatments fully deal with all the pests in a structure, even bugs that have developed a resistant exterior skin, referred to as a cuticle.

  • 95% of the time, pests can be fully eradicated with only heat treatment.