This lake was created in the 1920s in Lake County in order to supply country folks with potable water. Members of the Country Lake Association were the primary water rights holders of the association and could therefore use the private lake at their discretion. After a narrow stream was dam was placed at the end of a sluggish river, the countryside lake was formed. So then the project’s engineers employed equipment to enlarge the stream and return it to its natural condition by expanding and dredging the surrounding area. Since the lake is created by man, it is mostly used for water sports such as sailing, fishing, and swimming; to the maximum depth of 10 feet (3.0 m), it is shallow enough for those activities. The lake measures approximately 120 acres, which is slightly smaller than a standard. This lake has such a low room for larger boats, trawlers have to anchor on the outer ring. The inshore ring should preserve the shoreline, therefore, to keep the trawlers from damaging the area by dragging their nets along the lakebed. A lifeguard is on duty during most of the summer months in the water that is named Countryside Lake beach. There is a playground at the beach, for the kids, as well as horseshoes and docks for boats.
Samuel Insull (the company owner) began construction on Countryside Lake in 1926. It was difficult making the lake because there was only a stream nearby to draw water from, which was constantly and would fill with boggy soil as the seasons passed. His work began with the effort to dam the southeast end of the stream. Dredging equipment created the intended outcome of the lake, so that when the reservoir was full, the new river extended downstream and filled it instead. Immediately after finishing the project on the lake, Insull purchased the property around it and built a lodge which remains there to this day. Countryside is a residential neighborhood to the west of the lake, while it stretches out to the south and east. This neighborhood is made up of Countryside Lake and Countryside Oaks.

Several fish species reside in the countryside lake, and many birds pass through on their way to other locations for long periods of time. Several of the lake fish species include shiners, muskellunge, carp, bluegill, northern pike, walleye, and grass bass, which are common catch types, as well as catfish. Fishing has long been done on the lake and now it’s full of fish makes it a more suitable place for families to spend time together.  This lake is located near lake county il.

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