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Black Mouse Exterminator Services Chicago

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The majority of people do not realize they have a black mouse or rat infestation until the property is infested with Norway Rats, Roof Rats, or Black Rat nests and out of control. This is due to the fact that a black mouse prefers to hide in attics and other undisturbed areas such as garages and basements. Once on your property, these mice discover luxuries that the outside world cannot give and frequently stay indefinitely.

We do not recommend Do-It-Yourself (DIY) rat pest management services and methods because there is no quick fix for a black mice infestation or any rat pest infestation. Preyon Pest Control is the only control option to get rid of these unwanted bugs in your home. Allow Chicago’s mice and rodent control experts to permanently control and eliminate your pest problems. For further pest assistance, call our pest control at (708) 232-7703 right away! Other pest control companies don’t compare to the pest methods we offer for the control of mice and other rodents

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Home & Commercial Pest Control | What Is A Black Mouse?

Our knowledgeable mice exterminator specialists excel at developing a complete animal treatment strategy for removing mice and rats and bed bugs from your Illinois home. Continue reading to learn more about these mice from our Chicago pest control experts!

Rattus rattus, or black rat, is an old species of rat. The old-world rat is a rat species endemic to Eurasia or Africa. They are not indigenous to the Americas (like new-world rats.) This invasive species is now so abundant that the “dark art,” sometimes known as the black rat, is also known as the “ship rat,” “roof rat,” and “attic rat.” With so many distinct names, it is apparent that the black rat is a major problem in a variety of regions. Contact a Preyon Pest Control Black Mouse exterminator or a local pest control exterminator right away for help deciding if you have bugs in your bed or a Black Mouse infestation!black mouse exterminator services

Why Are Black Rats Attracted To My Chicago Home?

A black rat has a one-year lifetime. To compensate, they reproduce rapidly in order to assure the survival of their family. Black mice can have up to twelve litters per year, each with six to twelve pups. They are social animals that hunt in groups and protect their pest families. This pest visits our homes because our flower beds are teeming with bugs and their preferred food sources, such as seeds, slugs, and snails. However, black rats are omnivorous and will eat almost any food or trash that is placed in front of them. Rats will defecate in the blooms to protect their young from predators and to offer adequate nutrition. Unfortunately, rats will enter a structure with a quarter-sized opening looking for food and refuge during the winter months, making pest control more important than at any other time of year. Roofing holes are often their first point of entry. Because it is extremely secretive and mostly silent, the black mouse usually goes unnoticed at first. Droppings could be found in your bed, near your bed, or on the headboard of your bed, as these are all places where they can migrate quickly. In case you were wondering, these unwelcome critters are NOT the same as bed bugs!

Rat Extermination vs. Rodent Removal Cost?

Rat removal and rat extermination are often used interchangeably. A wildlife control & removal specialist is the best person to contact if you want to control and remove pests in your home. When live rats are removed, they are relocated to a new site. Do not be fooled, as this approach may still result in the rats’ deaths if they are put in rural supplies with insufficient food and water. A more humane pest management method would be to move the rats outside the house, but not too far away so that they can continue to access their usual food and water sources. For a moderate infestation, the rodent removal pest management approach used by a business specializing in rat and wildlife pest removal costs between $350 and $600.

Extermination of rats is frequently more effective when the bait is used to draw the rodents out, where they are then killed. It is more expensive because of access point sealing, rat traps, and bait, corpse disposal, and cleanup. A moderate infestation will cost between $500 and $750. Pest control specialists accomplish this work.

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To ensure the most efficient mice control and removal of these pests, our rat pest removal and bed bug treatment and control procedures are customized to your property. Call us at (708) 232 7703 to schedule a Black Rat removal pest service. We take pride in being a Chicago rodent service pest control company!

Check out Preyon Pest Control’s advice on how to prepare for your Black Rat control pest treatment for the best results now! You can also inquire about our other pest services, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, and more, on our website or by phone! We also have different pest service areas that we serve faithfully outside of the Chicago pest office service areas.

Health Hazards from Rats | Pest Control


Even though pet stores sell rats and mice as pets, some people think rats are adorable. A rat infestation is unwelcome in your home because:

  • Food is no longer safe to eat after rats have come into touch with it. Contact pest control immediately!
  • The structural stability of the property is jeopardized. Black rats chew incessantly due to the continual growth of their front incisors. A rat family can eat the supporting wood framework of your home.
  • Fire and electrical hazards are posed by black rats. Rats gnaw their way through the wiring of computers and televisions, causing costly damage and house fires.

Risks of Rodent Disease

Flea and tick bites, as well as direct touch with the ill animal’s body, urine, or feces, transmit diseases from black rats to humans and our pets. If you have sickness symptoms, you should seek quick medical assistance as well as pest control near me. Black rats are carriers of dangerous diseases. Among them are the following:

black mouse exterminator services

  • Hantavirus– If your property is infested with black rats, your chances of contracting Hantavirus are significant. Eating hazardous food, such as black rat saliva, urine, and excrement results in disease transfer from rats to humans.
  • Weil’s disease, also known as leptospirosis, can cause influenza-like symptoms such as chills, fever, and joint pain. It is dangerous to come into contact with black rat nests, urine, and feces while cleaning. Weil’s disease is spread through contact with, and incorrect disposal of, black rat urine and excrement.
  • Haver Fever is a kind of RBF bacteria spread by rats such as the black rat. A black rat touching our food, beverages, and even water can spread this illness to humans and animals.
  • Toxoplasmosis– Toxoplasmosis is a potentially fatal disease. The majority of warm-blooded animals are infected with Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite develops tissue cysts and typically infects cats, though it can infect humans as well. Fortunately, there is treatment available. Even in the most severe cases, therapy with transfusions and organ transplants is possible, and there are no long-term negative consequences.
  • Rat-Bite Fever (RBF)– Rat-bite fever, like any rodent infection, can be fatal if the injury is not treated. Antibiotics will necessitate medical involvement in order to be prescribed. With symptoms such as fever, rash, and body aches, determining whether the sickness is influenza is challenging. Inform your doctor if you suspect a rodent infestation in your neighborhood.

Contacting Preyon pest control Chicago to get rid of black rats in your home is the best option for your family’s health and safety. Please fill out our form or call us during business hours. If we are unable to answer, please leave a note and we will return your call as soon as the next working day.

black mouse exterminator services

Pest Control for Bed Bugs | Do Rats and Mice Carry Bed Bugs?

Rat Fertility

Every litter of rats can produce between 3 and 8 young. The children are born between 20 and 21 days after fertilization. They can mature into adults in as little as 5 to 6 weeks.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are ground burrowers, thus they will build their nests deep within the underground passages they have dug. The average female Norway rat may wean 20 or more children per year and has 4 to 6 liters of milk per year.

Roof Rodents

Roof rats prefer to nest above ground and rarely construct tunnels for living quarters if above-ground habitats are available. The typical number of litter a female roof rat has per year varies depending on several conditions, but it is usually 3 to 5, with 3 to 8 young in each litter.

Deer Mice

Deer mice breed year-round in warmer places, usually every three to four weeks from spring to October. Deer mice in colder climates frequently do not breed or have delayed implantation. Females have a gestation period of roughly three weeks.

From late March through October is the breeding season, and each female produces 2-4 liters. A female gives birth to 3-11 (average 5 or 6) children after a gestation period of 21-37 days. The neonates are naked, pink, and blind, weighing around 1.8 g each (0.06 oz).

It is possible to have both rat and bed bug pest infestations at the same time. Mice and rats infest any structure that offers them food, water, and shelter. They can live everywhere in the house, including your bed, although they prefer to congregate in the kitchen. They live in areas where they cannot be seen.

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are not transmitted by rodents since they only live indoors. This pest does not live on their hosts, but rather beside them, protecting them from pests. Bed bugs are not attracted to mice or rats. Bed bugs will feed on rodents, but they prefer human blood.

Mice and bed bugs interact less frequently than one might imagine because they prefer the dark. Rodents do not cause bed bugs. This does not, however, mean that you should not seek bed bug treatment right away. Don’t let those obnoxious bugs infiltrate your bed, house, or privacy! When you phone us, we’ll show you how.

Do Mice and Rats Attract Bed Bugs?

It is well knowledge that rodents attract other rodents. If you see one, it is a sure sign that there are others nearby. This is due to the following:

  • A mouse or rat might eat a hole in your house, allowing others to get in.
  • Their presence suggests the presence of a food supply for rats.
  • Mice and rats want to reproduce, thus they will seek out areas with other people.

But do bed bugs attract rodents? And do the conditions that rats favor also attract bed bugs?

If you suspect you have bed bugs or mice in your Chicago IL home, call our rat control specialists at (708) 232 7703 right now! Our Chicago pest control experts are ready to address any pest problem you have, including spider-control ants, bed bugs, and termites, as well as white-footed rats, woodrats, roof rats, and more! Preyon Pest’s animal removal and control procedures have never let a customer down, and we have no plans to start now!

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