Businesses, schools, and organizations are hurting from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic as it spreads across Chicagoland. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on practically every part of our everyday life, from forced restaurant and bar closures to school and business closures.

Not just people are affected. As a result of the infection, our habits and routines have changed. Vacant buildings, more time at home, and unrestrained growth may result in pest infestations and health problems. Worse, these insect problems can exacerbate existing respiratory issues or cause new ones.


Our goal at Preyon Pest Control is to keep you and your family safe from pests and the troubles they can create. Let’s take a look at some of the most serious consequences of bug infestations in your home—and how COVID-19 could make things worse.



Because most Chicagoans aren’t getting out as much as they used to, they’re spending a lot more time indoors. Increased family activity means more messes than we’re used to, from cooking meals in the kitchen to spending long amounts of time in common areas. Pests might pick up on even the tiniest traces if messes aren’t cleaned up in a timely manner.


These are all the things that come to me when I think about cooking.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pest problems in a busy home. Food attracts them in the form of crumbs, grease, or oil marks. That’s why it’s vital to clean up after every meal. You should look under your stove or oven more often. (Roaches consume everything.)

Cockroaches do not, however, only thrive in filthy kitchens. Because of the increased emphasis on shipping and mailed product delivery, your home may have a lot of cardboard. Make every attempt to break down boxes on a regular basis and place them in a recycling container as soon as they arrive. Cockroaches (and other pests that thrive on clutter) will take up residence in stacks or mounds of cardboard boxes, even if they are broken down.



The most important reason to ensure that cockroaches do not establish a colony in your home? In young children and those with respiratory issues, molting roaches can cause breathing problems. If you or a loved one has asthma or is recovering from COVID-19, the presence of these microorganisms can aggravate the situation.

If you suspect you have a serious cockroach infestation, call Preyon Pest Control right away. Our basic services are critical for keeping your house safe.



Cockroaches aren’t the only pests you could encounter in your home. Increased outside activities, such as barbecues and picnics, increases the risk of unwelcome wildlife encounters.

Raccoons and other rodents will swarm near trash cans hunting for food if unfinished food is left outside. If you regularly entertain the family outside, tidy up after yourself and never leave food unattended.

Of course, creating pest-friendly conditions isn’t just a risk for outdoor activities. If you don’t act quickly to limit animal and pest incursions, they’ll get more bold and start hunting for more resources, such as food and water. This generally leads to them attempting to gain access to your home, where they can create even more havoc and emergency pest control. During the cooler months, we commonly observe the following pests:



Rodents can cause a variety of problems, ranging from structural and electrical damage to urine and excrement contamination. Mice and rats will also chew open food containers to consume the contents. They’re called disease vectors because they can carry fleas, ticks, lice, and other parasites.

Allowing rodents into your home can result in expensive property damage as well as unhealthy and filthy situations in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or attic.



While the number of birds around your house isn’t usually tied to outside activities, these pesky pests can nonetheless create havoc. Avian droppings can spread infections, and nests can clog gutters, causing harm when rain builds up and overflows.

Drain all birdbaths and remove any surrounding bird feeders to prevent birds from wreaking havoc on your home’s exterior. When entertaining outside, remember to clean up after yourself, just like you would with rodents and other wildlife.



If left alone, flies proliferate swiftly. They can transmit a variety of bacteria and parasites, and they contaminate food by crawling around, vomiting, and defecating on previously clean surfaces and food sources. Flies are a regular annoyance around the house and at backyard barbecues. Flies can be found wherever there is food.

Make sure your window screens function and your garbage cans are covered to keep flies out. Clean up any kitchen mishaps by tying trash bags tightly and dropping them into cans. To avoid fruit flies and other pests, properly store your food and consume or dispose of ripe fruit and vegetables as soon as possible.



Pest management is a crucial and continuous worry if you’re spending a lot of time at home owing to COVID-19. Preyon Pest Control focuses on delivering experienced Chicagoland pest control solutions to assist you rid your property of undesirable bugs, birds, and other invasive pests. 

To learn more about How Covid-19 Can Attract Pests To your Home contact us or a pest control near me today at 708-232-7703.

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